Colored Wool Dryer Balls

Colored Wool Dryer Balls
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Eliminate chemicals from your dryer routine with these adorable 100% wool balls which are an all-natural & eco-friendly alternative to using dryer sheets & fabric softener. These felted balls cut drying time up to 25% by adding air circulation into your load and absorbing moisture, making your dryer more efficient. They also naturally help eliminate wrinkles and reduce static.   

A few drops of Essential oils can be added to each ball to make your laundry the fresh scent of your choice. The scent will last for 2-3 loads.  We recommend 3 balls for small loads and 6 balls for larger loads for maximum benefit. 

Expect them to shrink a small amount the first couple of uses…it is natural for them to become more dense.  Lasts for years and pays for itself over & over.  Especially useful for diapers, children’s clothing & bedding, and for people with sensitive skin.  

Each ball weighs between .5 & 1 ounce and roughly the size of a tennis ball.  Assorted colors & patterns.